Carpirib emerges on the market in 1999, currently it is located in Vila de Ribeirão (Vila Nova de Famalicão) Braga district, occupying an industrial area of 2400m2, and counting on about 30 workers.

Over this time it has invested technologically in a way to adapt to the demands in this sector.

Its existence over the years is based on constant updating of its machinery and the introduction of new techniques, which has evolved into a concept of flexible manufacturing, which permits us to fulfil mass production for big constructions while at the same time individual solutions adapted to the private market, the public and renovations. The quality of the raw materials, the technical knowledge, the organization and control of the production process makes our brand a reference. All the material is applied by highly qualified workers with various years of carpentry experience.

Lastly we guarantee a professional approach from conception to design until the last stage of the finished product and thus offering our client confidence and complete satisfaction.


Doors Interior and Exterior by measure
Floor Interior
* Wood floor
* Floating wood
* Floating laminate AC3, AC4, AC5
Exterior flooring
* Termowood / Lunawood
* Deck Wood
* Deck composite
Kitchen / Bathroom Furniture / Wardrobes / Furniture
* 3D Drawings (FREE)
Materials / Finishes
* Laminate (Finsa, Polyrey, Formica HPL, EGGER)
* Folheadas Wood
* Solid wood
* Melamine
* Lacquer Finish (Kill / High Brightness)
* Finish Varnish (Kill / Bright)
* Façade Coating
* Foreign Ports
* Gates
* Toilet Partitions (Harp, Formica)
* Street Furniture and Child
Shops decoration and Interior
Structures / Roofing / Roofing Wood
Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation
Warehouse / Sale to the Public
* Hardware (EMUCA, GRASS, BLUM)
* Screws
* appliances
* Derivatives Wood / Plates
* Floating Stratified AC3, AC4, AC5
* Products for packaging
* Smooth doors / Decorative
* Phenolic