Your Project, Our Work!

For more than 15 years in the field, CARPIRIB is the best solution for all types of carpentry. From contemporary to rustic, choose the best option for your house, client or project. Having control over the whole process, from the selection of materials to the installation is just one of the advantages of working with our company. CONTACT US!
Selected raw materials
Many years of experience
Organization and control of the productive process
Highly qualified professionals
Reference trademark in the sector
Free 3D projects

Sustained growth

Important moments along our history.
Founding year of the company in Ribeirão, Vila Nova de Famalicão.
Beginning of exportation to the African market.
Greenhouse construction for high quality work in lacquer and gloss lacquer.
Expansion to the Spanish market, in the production of housing.
Expansion to the French, Swiss and Belgium markets.